Domain Name For Sale

If you already run a commercial web site (or are considering running one), you will know how important it is to have a domain name that does more than merely say who you are.

Ideally, a domain name should

  • be easy to remember,
  • give visitors confidence in the web site's integrity, and
  • be indicative of the welcome visitors will receive.

The hot news today is that the domain name YEIASOU.COM is for sale!

"Yeiasou!" (pronounced Ya-soo) is Greek for "Hello, Welcome!" It's the greeting Greek and Greek-Cypriot people use where the English might simply say "Hi", but "Yeiasou!" has so much more warmth and depth to it.

The domain name is currently used as a focal point for Greeks and Greek-Cypriots in the United Kingdom where they can advertise their businesses or search for services in the UK identical to those they would find at home in the Aegean.

The current owners have reluctantly decided to sell this highly lucrative domain name because pressure of other interests will make it increasingly difficult to maintain the web site in its present state. (To view the site, click HERE).

Serious offers for this domain name can be sent either by email by clicking or by telephoning +44 (0)20 8364 1445.