Web Page Creator

For an easy way to create your own Web Page, just complete the form below and click the No! The button at the bottom of the page! button at the bottom of the page.

After clicking the button, a small window will appear at the top of the screen, displaying the web page you have just created. Right click anywhere in the new window and select "View Source". This should then open Notespad * and load the coding for the page.

Save the file with a name of your own choice (remembering to select "Internet Documents (*.htm*)" from the "Select as type" drop-down menu). That's it - you've just created and saved your very own Web Page!

* For this to happen, see Notespad's information on how to replace Windows Notepad with Notespad 8.

NOTE: If you haven't installed Notespad 8 yet, click HERE to download a zipped installation file. This is a 32-bit Editor which will not only edit .bat, .htm, .ini, .jav, .log and .txt files but also permits you to open multiple files simultaneously. For those who dislike WYSIWYG editors and would prefer to "get your hands dirty" writing HTML code, this is an ideal alternative. It's a much friendlier replacement for the extremely limited, unfriendly (and long outdated) Windows Notepad.

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