How to get your business listed or upgraded

As you'll quickly discover, hundreds of businesses are already listed at YEIASOU.COM. A simple listing (consisting of company name, address, telephone number and, if applicable, fax number) is free of charge. Every business listed is on show to the entire Internet community, at no charge whatsoever to the supplier.

However, you may want your business to be displayed more prominently, or for your listing to include more detail about the particular services you offer. Perhaps your company has a logo that you would like to be displayed with your listing, or your business may have an email address that you want to be included. Maybe your business already has a web site of its own and you would like a link to be shown.


Upgrades start at just £5 per month. Where else can you arrange advertising for your business to be on show 24-hours-a-day, every day of the year, for just £60 per year? That works out at just 16p per day for perpetual, worldwide advertising!

As a comparison, why not ask your local paper how much they would charge for an advert in their pages for just one day. When you hear their answer, you'll quickly realise why a listing with YEIASOU.COM, whether it be a simple listing or an upgrade, is such a wise, cost-effective choice.

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